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Barley Gold

Barley Gold is a pure, natural barley super food; it is 100% organically grown and 100% organically processed. Barley seed germination is first synchronized using the G.E.M. process and is then stabilized with the proprietary "Nutrient Stabilization Process". There are two potencies. Level 1 BARLEY GOLD is the initial product to be consumed for a period of at least three months. For some, it may be necessary for a year. Level 2 BARLEY GOLD is designed for those who are ready to advance further in the nutrient absorption process. How did this superior product become a human food supplement?

Initially, the product was formulated to enhance feed for animals. During animal experimentation it was realized that the process was producing a healthier more productive animal than the conventional nutritional formulas. Reviewing reports from the medical community as to the needs of the human body for optimum health, it was discovered that most of these necessary components were present in the Nutrient Stabilization Processed product. Therefore, further studies were conducted and resulted in our ALL NATURAL human food supplement BARLEY GOLD.

When digestive and metabolic enzymes are stabilized it results in enhanced digestion, thereby increasing all organ efficiencies. Essential nutrients are thus absorbed and wastes are eliminated. This helps cells renew and repair previous damage. BARLEY GOLD is not a complete all in one supplement, but close to it. It is not a cure all for medical problems, but it is an ALL NATURAL food supplement that when taken daily provides many of the missing components in today's diets. By providing these components the body has a greater chance to heal and rejuvenate itself or function optimally.

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