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Alternative and Complementary Self-Care Education

The Foundation and Philosophy of HPC

Holistic Philosophy Consultants, Ltd., founded in 1980, provides Electronic Medicine (Bio- Energetic) Long Distance Therapies for clients  worldwide.

Using Bio-Informational technology our practitioners analyze client’s issues and design appropriate healing modalities that support the return to good health and well-being.

The treatment programs are “broadcast” using psychotronic and radionic devices that utilize Vibrational Healing. This form of healing is best understood as an aspect of Quantum Physics
These therapies are provided for individual humans and animals on a  monthly basis and are renewed as often as needed. This can vary from one month to a number of months depending on the severity of the case.
These can be used as a primary therapy or as  complementary to other allopathic or alternative treatments.


The work of Dr Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown D.C.,George de la Warr, Malcolm Rae and many others form the basis for the subtle energy treatments provided by HPC Ltd. Research at the Delawarr Laboratories in Oxford UK was pivotal in formulating the style of subtle energy therapy currently provided.

Fundamental Theory

All discernible matter is structured by and supported by subtle fields of energy. These fields vary in complexity and geometry. A popular term for the waves of this type of energy is Scalar. Many other terms exist.

The fundamental energies that comprise biological life constitute a primary architecture which maintains normal health.  Deviations from health can be detected in the underlying energy imbalances that are associated with various diseases and disorders.

By treating and restoring the distorted subtle fields of the human and animal bodies to normal the physically manifest disorders are frequently restored to healthy function.

Types of imbalances that can respond to this type of Therapy
All physical disorders and Mental abnormalities have responded to therapy.
Many factors determine the success of the therapy.

Current Technology

We use a very sophisticated Computer based technology that generates healing programs based in dynamic geometric shifting patterns. These can be broadcast (or projected) or delivered on DVDs.

What is delivered in the Healing Projections?
All forms of medicine which can include Homeopathic Medicines, Herbal Compounds, Nutraceuticals, Chakra Energies, Resonant Therapies, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, Ayurvedic Medicinals, Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture Programs, Tibetan Minerals, Rainforest Herbs, Allopathic remedies, Polarity Treatments, Myofascial trigger point therapy and much more.
All of these are delivered in a Bio-Energetic format.

What do we require ?
2 identical photos of the client with no other people or animals in the picture. The photos should be full length if possible and must be recent (taken within 2 weeks); two small hair samples should be attached to the back of the photos - an inch long and a pinch thick and a typed summary of the current problems and summary of prior physical and emotional factors that are considered significant.

These should be sent to:
PO Box 221012
Louisville KY 40252

Telephone (502) 423-1188
Consultation by phone/Skype available.

Tish Moscow, FEMA.

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We are Traditional Nemenhah Medicine People.
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