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Key Benefits

Holistic Philosophy Consultants believe that most illnesses are linked to distortions within the individualís subtle energy fields. Furthermore, they accept that by identifying the precise relationship between the illness and the energy imbalance, appropriate integrated medical and health protocols can help restore the energy fields to normal functioning which in many cases facilitates the return of health to the individual.

HPC provides the following:
  • Private consultation, including intuitive readings
  • Land, plant, animal and environmental balancing.
  • Onsite and long distance property assessment for disturbances and hauntings.
  • Subtle energy solutions, including equipment, for a wide variety of concerns and to maximize flexibility of choice.
  • Individualized protocols, including homeopathic remedies, dietary education, biophotonica, radionics and other tools to maximize wellness.
  • Training services for both lay and professional practitioners.
  • Supplement matching, analysis, research, availability and monitoring


Sauna Room

Vibrational Healing Room


"I have known Peter and Tish for several decades. Their work with subtle
energy, radionics, and biophotons has been an inspiration and example of
the beauty and effectiveness of this master tool."
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Holos Institute of Healing
Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine

"Tish did an impromptu reading of my marriage/relationship situation
following a personal conversation we had on the phone. Her reading was
more to the point than any of my other friends (most are professional intuitives
as well as being doctors and therapists). Her insight into the situation floored
me and allowed meto piece together previous anomalous aspects of my life.
She has amazing abilities."
Stephen Levine, Ph.D.

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